Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Course CD

For part of our professional practice module we were placed into groups of various sizes and asked to create a promotional CD to gain applicants for the course. Despite a lot of initial worries that my group just wouldn't be able to get anything done we all pulled together at the end and made a really good piece of work. I took on designing pages for the CD booklet some of which can be seen here, I think the collage style mix of images created on photoshop works well! (Again the colours have gone a little mad- must be using the wrong type of file- will try and resolve this!)


  1. the group project is a time we shall look back on with fond memories.
    (i like your drawing of a swan).
    your blog is very active, its refreshing. Are you kanye west's ghost-writer?

  2. Thanks for praising my active nature and swan drawing seem to have a bit of a thing for them- Kanye Wests ghost writer? I don't quite follow? I will be putting more stuff up today after my trip to the supermarket perhaps...