Monday, 4 July 2011


Apologies for the long delay in posting to those who read the blog on a regular basis, not sure how many just stumble in from Miss Van! Just thought I would update to say that I am now in Sydney living in a place called Darlington which is right by a very cool suburb called Newtown. I think in the past Newtown was a bit run down (much like Stokes Croft in Bristol for example) but is now an area which reeks of redevelopment and promise. Australian people by nature are very friendly and curious and seemingly in Newtown this is even more so. Today for example I went with my new housemate to a free life drawing class in The Sando (Sandringham Hotel) it was packed to the rafters and some of the work produced was amazing so despite a man standing on my piece of paper and me accidentally spilling half my pint of cider on another unfortunate mans sketchpad I will be going again next week but this time with my own paper and drawing equipment so I don't have what appears to be a fully joined up 10 breasted woman! I will hopefully put some photos up soon too as the area I live in is very cool!