Sunday, 31 May 2009


Race for life

I just completed the Race for Life with Anna it was really good but very hot this year so we took it relatively slow but still managed to finish in 41 minutes which is great! I think one of the best things about doing it is being part of something so big especially when everyone is running for such a great charity- in this case Cancer Research. Its interesting to look at peoples back plates as they say who you are running for and are very emotionally effecting. Here are two I found at the end which must have fallen off.

Charity shop finds

I went for a walk yesterday to try and get something for uni which I was unable to get but I did manage to find a couple of very cool charity shop items which I show you here. The owl was £2.99 from Oxfam and the plate was £1.50 (I can't remember which shop) I love both of them!

New packaging

I bought this Sherbet yesterday and was quite surprised to see that the cardboard packaging has been changed to plastic, the sherbet comes out a lot easier but it doesn't seem very environmentally friendly.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Sunny Saturday

Some photos I took today on a walk, you might have to click on some of the photos to see the detail.

The 'Big Idea'

For our final project we each were given four or five words or phrases to pick from which we would then research and create some kind of outcome from. I decided upon the phrase 'Nanny State' which I found very interesting. I looked at political satire which is currently enjoying something of a revival with the recent Schweppes campaign. I drew a Gordon Brown character dressed as Mary Poppins (as shown in previous sketches) and came up with an overblown parody of a recent campaign to reflect the nannying behaviour of my Gordon Poppins character. I decided to lampoon the recent swine flu campaign but change it to swan flu so I could bring in more humorous elements. Here are a couple of photos of what I had at the end of the four week project. I hope to work more on this project for inclusion in my portfolio.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Steve Irwins

Not quite sure about the reason for this but saw this group of people dressed up as Steve Irwin (R.I.P) walking up Crwys Road.

Cathays and Roath

As I am moving back to Bristol come the end of June I have been thinking more and more about how much I am going to miss Roath and the surrounding area (as well as Cardiff generally). I know that I will be only a short train journey away but still it will be strange not living here any more. I took a few photos today of all the things that interested me and here they are- I hope they give a picture of the area I live in.

Super Furry Animals

I saw the Super Furry Animals last night for the first time. I did enjoy them a lot but my friends that had seen them before were less impressed as they only played four old songs and the rest was their new album played through- just makes me keen to see them again really!

Cool cans

Whilst at the hospital yesterday (don't worry nothing serious), I bought one of these cans from the drinks machine and thought it was very cool- my housemate bought the other one. Some of the money goes towards the Rainforest foundation too!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


I always find flowers very fascinating, here are some photos that I have taken in my recent travels.


Here are some drawings that I have recently done (both for uni and fun)

Course CD

For part of our professional practice module we were placed into groups of various sizes and asked to create a promotional CD to gain applicants for the course. Despite a lot of initial worries that my group just wouldn't be able to get anything done we all pulled together at the end and made a really good piece of work. I took on designing pages for the CD booklet some of which can be seen here, I think the collage style mix of images created on photoshop works well! (Again the colours have gone a little mad- must be using the wrong type of file- will try and resolve this!)

Monday, 25 May 2009

Swan Flu

My most recent project at uni was to look at the words 'nanny state' and create some kind of outcome from this. I went down the political satire route and this image went on to form part of my 'swan flu' campaign.

Love Like Fire

I was lucky enough to go to Dot to Dot festival at the weekend. I saw a really good selection of bands in a selection of venues across Bristol but was particularly impressed with Love Like Fire that I hadn't heard of before. They are from San Francisco and very, very good indeed. Difficult to describe their 'sound' but I guess Yeah Yeah Yeahs-esque. Got the set list at the end so am hoping they do really well! Here is a picture I took of them:

Skull and Bones

A recent drawing I did for entry in Designer Violence magazine- the theme was Skull and Bones

First Post

Hi everyone have been trying to set up a blog for ages but I am currently bed-ridden with suspected swine so thought that now would be the perfect opportunity! Anyway I hope to regularly update with interesting things that I see and do and hope that other people will share my interest in them- thanks for reading!